CBI Drywall is a family-owned, family-lead, Union Commercial Contractor specializing in drywall, taping, acoustical ceiling, and carpentry services. As a company that has been providing these services for over 30 years, we take pride in our ability to mobilize and complete specialized, fast-track, and high-profile projects for some of the top General Contractors in our area.

Founded by Joe Cieslewicz in the 1950’s, the company, then known has Cieslewicz Brothers Incorporated, had a reputation throughout the New York Construction Industry as a quality company performing small scale projects with experience and craftsmanship. Eventually, the company changed its name to CBI Drywall Corp. and in 1986, lead foreman Orville Hawes became President. Under his leadership, CBI gained momentum broadening the company’s available services to include a wider range, size, and scope of projects, from small retail stores to multi-level apartment houses and higher educational facilities. CBI is now owned by Orville’s sons Shaun and Patrick Hawes. Both have been with the company for over 20 years, and they continue to excel in their positions, steering CBI ahead with the combination of modern technology and good old-fashioned, hard-nose construction experience and knowledge. 

CBI has always been committed to providing our clients with the highest Union Craftsmanship through our hands-on approach that has earned us the reputation as an honest company that will finish the job; done right the first time. Our Carpenters are some of the best in the business and have been sharing their experience and knowledge with the CBI Family for over 2 decades.

We foster a work environment that is guided by a single project manager with actual field experience, who has a good working relationship with our foremen. The foremen in turn push our Carpenters to produce fine work that is our company’s mainstay. Our size allows us to deliver large projects with a personal and detailed technique.